Mortimer Tawny


Stats: Mystery



Mortimer Tawny is young for a wizard. Trained by his uncle Rickard, he was exposed very early to the deepest secrets of magic, and trained with handle and withstand them, to serve as sidekick and capable servant to the powerful but insane Rickard.

Rickard would regularly take Mortimer on his adventures which were usually very dangerous, as well as usually illegal. Through this, Mortimer has a tenuous knowledge of underground societies, magical and otherwise. Mortimer never learned the details, but eventually Rickard made a singular enemy. Singular in the ‘special’ sense. Rickard had tons of regular enemies.

Some time ago, during a meeting with one of Rickard’s underground connections, there was an attack on the warehouse where the meeting as held. There was an explosion and fire. Afterward, however, only the contacts body was found. No trace of Rickard was left anywhere.

Certain that Rickard is alive, and that Mortimer is the only one who knows enough of his secret life to save him, Rickard has taken up with some people to do some things. He doesn’t really know the main story yet or where he fits in. But whatever he’s doing, he’s sure it’s the right thing to do. And along the way his greatest hope is to find his uncle, to find out what happened to him, and where he’s been.

Mortimer Tawny

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