King Reinald Thorlaren

Half-Elven king of Ellothlon


A tall man, 6’3 with Brown Hair and a short beard, Fierce Amber eyes and always with a confident smirk.


He is the First son of Andren Thorlaren who died about 2 years ago. He is the first half-elf in the Line of Thorlaren kings, his father married Erdariel Syn’dalay, princess of the Elven Kingdom of Tiriathell to secure the aid of the elves in creating the enchantments that help secure The Glimmer-wood Forest that shields Teminster from the wrath of The Dominion of Karnargul (the Dragon-Kin empire).

He has been aggressive in his rule, now that it seems the City is Safe and the tide of Dragon-kin has been stopped he is pushing harder on the commanders and civil leaders to strike back against his enemies to reclaim the kingdom from the hands of the vile dragon-kin.

King Reinald Thorlaren

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