Edwin Redhill


Name: Edwin Thomas Redhill
Rank: Sergeant
Age: 35
Time in Army: 10 ½ years

Edwin was a worker on his family farm until the war reached his hometown of Struybluff. Though reluctant, he and his family hurriedly packed and left to join the massive amount of refugees already clogging the roads to Teminster.

He lost his family in an ambush by Black Dragonkin, instilling strong hatred for that brood. With no family or home left he, upon reaching Teminster, sold all of his family’s possessions and enlisted in the Royal Army.

After a short training, he was placed with the First Pike Regiment where he fought in the ill-fated Battle of Fridova. Of nearly three-thousand pikes in that regiment, under four-hundred limped back to Vindri’s Hold.

Excited with the scent of retreat, the dragonkin pursued them. This led to Edwin’s most respectable display of valor, where he held a breached wicket door with his pike. When the Dragonkin pulled back, an officer found him still crouched with his weapon at the ready, pointing at the door.

He was retroactively given the Bronze Seal of Valor for action in the Battle of Fridova, though no specific account of his actions could be given.
He was given the Silver Seal of Valor for his actions in the Siege of Vindri’s Hold.
In recognition of his accomplishments, he was promoted to Sergeant and transferred to the prestigious King’s Pikes, deployed at Sehill Keep.

Edwin is a typical man’s man and sergeant. He believes any action is greater than inaction, and can quickly grow distasteful to anyone who frequently dallies. He has a major appreciation for paintings and sculptures. He has minor celebrity status as a war hero, and his King’s Pike armor with bronze & silver seals command great respect with other servicemen.

Edwin Redhill

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